Thursday, October 11, 2007


I have been absent due to photographing my niece's wedding. I'm not a traditional wedding photographer, not even traditional in any sense of the photography I do, so I was a little anxious. I spent good time studying and testing. Even standing outside my favorite Photo Equipment shop, with a very helpful employee, testing new flash equipment in harsh lighting. This is one of the perks of NOT buying always online. Thanks Looking Glass.
I had fun photographing and, of course, hanging out with all the relatives. My niece married a Russian. Her own parents mix our Irish with her Mom's Greek. We were quite a mix!

But enough, I am working on a new piece and hope to post something by Friday, ok?

Friday, September 21, 2007

The first words

Denise pointed this out,, so I set it up. Herein, I hope to post links to other sights, artwork in progress for critical help and artwork I just want to put up here. Jessical and Denise will too?

I am currently working on a series or artworks based on stories of people's interesting experiences on the internet. If you have a really great story, please respond. All work will be anonymous, although you might recognize it. If you send your story, I get to use it. It's a way of cataloging our experiences with this relatively new medium in a visual way. I met a woman today while getting my hair cut who said to get back to her in 2-3 months. Her husband of many years passed away a year or two ago and she felt she was getting ready for online dating! So send on, who have you met that was stranger than fiction? What did you find online that changed you in even a small way? No porn, this is a clean project!